Words Used Without Prepositions

We do not use prepositions in some common expressions. In some other expressions, we can leave them out. After discuss, enter, marry, lack, resemble and approach Verbs like discuss, enter, marry, lack, resemble and approach are normally followed by direct objects without prepositions. We discussed his plans. (NOT We discussed about his plans.) She married an old man. (NOT She married with an old man.) …

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Preposition Beyond

Beyond means on the far side of. It is a preposition.  The house is beyond the bridge. We will be safe when we get beyond the river. Beyond can also mean exceeding, out of reach of and similar ideas. Your work is beyond all praise. (= too good to describe adequately) He is living beyond his income. (= He spends more than he earns.) This problem is beyond me. (= …

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What Preposition To Use?

It is not always easy to know which preposition to use after a particular noun, verb or adjective. Here are some of the most common combinations. Note that alternatives are sometimes possible. Abide by You must abide by the terms of this agreement. Abound in This area abounds (is rich) in valuable minerals. Abound with The ravines of Rajasthan abound (are infested) with dacoits. Absent from John has …

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Against As A Preposition

Against means not in favour of There were twenty votes against the proposal and only fourteen in favour of it, so it was abandoned. We rowed hard against the current, but made little progress. Against can also mean hitting or touching. I hit my head against a wall and hurt myself. I left the ladder leaning against a wall. The waves beat against the cliffs. The piano stood against the wall.

Prepositions Worksheet For Class 10 CBSE

Prepositions are words like in, on, at, with, about, for, to, below, over. This worksheet tests your ability to use prepositions correctly. Sentences are given with blank spaces in them. You have to fill in the blanks with a preposition. Complete the following sentences using an appropriate preposition. Prepositions worksheet for class 10 1. Wine …

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