What Preposition To Use?

It is not always easy to know which preposition to use after a particular noun, verb or adjective. Here are some of the most common combinations. Note that alternatives are sometimes possible.

Abide by

You must abide by the terms of this agreement.

Abound in

This area abounds (is rich) in valuable minerals.

Abound with

The ravines of Rajasthan abound (are infested) with dacoits.

Absent from

John has been absent from classes for three days now.

Absorbed in

He is completely absorbed in his studies.

Abstain from

You must abstain from smoking and drinking.

Accede to
I am sorry I can’t accede to your request.

Acceptable to

This suggestion is not acceptable to us.

Access to

In many villages here, people still have no access to electricity.

Accuse of

Peter was accused of theft.

Acquainted with

I am only slightly acquainted with him.

Acquitted of

Henry was acquitted of the charge of theft.

Adapt to

You must learn to adapt yourself to changing circumstances.

Addicted to

He is addicted to drinking.

Affiliate to

This college is affiliated to the Mumbai University.

Afflict with

He was afflicted with leprosy.

Agree to

I agreed to his proposal.

Agree upon

We agreed upon a certain course of action.

Aim at

I could not achieve all that I aimed at.

Alight from

He was the first to alight from the plane.

Amazed at

I was amazed at her stupendous performance.

Anxious to

He is anxious to visit his son in Canada.

Anxious about

I am anxious about his health.

Apologise to

You must apologise to him for your rudeness.

Appeal to

They appealed to us for immediate help.

Avail of

Avail yourself of this opportunity to visit Kashmir.

Aware of

I am not aware of their plans.


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