Irregular Verbs

Some verbs form their past tense and past participle by a change in the main vowel of the present tense. These verbs are called irregular verbs or strong verbs. Some irregular verbs form the past participle with the addition of –n, -en or –ne. Others form the past participle without any such addition. Here is a list of the …

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What Are Verbs?

A verb is a word which tells us what a person or a thing is doing. He ran fast. The birds flew away. John opened the can. Here the verbs ran, flew and opened tell us what the nouns he, birds and John do. A verb is the most important word in a sentence. Now read the following sentences. She is a good girl. There are fifty students in the class. Here the …

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Copular Verbs

We use a special kind of verb to join two parts of a sentence and to express either that the two parts denote the same thing or that the first has the property denoted by the second. These verbs are called copulas or copular verbs. Common copular verbs are: be, seem, look, turn, become, appear, sound, smell, taste, feel and get. Alice is my girlfriend. (The sentence …

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Common Mistakes In The Use Of Verbs

In this lesson, we will learn about common mistakes in the use of verbs. Indirect questions Incorrect: I asked had she any letters for me. Correct: I asked if she had any letters for me. Correct: I asked whether she had any letters for me. Indirect yes/no questions are introduced by if or whether. Incorrect: I asked if had they taken their food. Correct: I asked if …

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Identify The Verbs And Nouns | Class 4 Grammar Worksheets

Identify whether the highlighted words are verbs or nouns. Notes A verb is an action word. Examples: walk, talk, sit, eat, drink, write, break, read etc. A noun is the name of a person or thing. Examples are: children, toys, flowers, river, gold, computer etc. 1. The constable caught the thief. 2. Mother patted me …

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The part of speech which contains words like see, arrive, sleep, discuss, ask, play, can and take off. Verbs are distinguished from other parts of speech by a number of properties. 1. A verb can be marked for tense. I write a letter. She writes a letter. I wrote a letter. 2. A verb can …

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