Tenses Worksheet For Class 8 CBSE

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb. This tenses worksheet is designed for students of classes 7 and 8. You can find more tenses worksheets and exercises here.

English Grammar Exercises

1. Hostilities ——————– after the truce.

a) did resumed
b) were resumed
c) was resumed
d) had resumed

2. Has the problem ——————-?

a) been solved
b) solved
c) being solved
d) solve

3. The accused —————— the verdict of the jury with anxiety.

a) awaited
b) was awaiting
c) is awaiting
d) have awaited

4. A wide spread outbreak of influenza ——————- in the year 1919.

a) occur
b) had occurred
c) occurred
d) was occurring

5. He ——————– some of the samples presented to him.

a) was selecting
b) had selected
c) selected
d) is selecting.

6. I ——————– some photos to be developed.

a) had left
b) left
c) was leaving
d) did left

7. It must ——————- to you that he was simply bluffing.

a) have occurred
b) occurred
c) occur
d) have occur

8. They have all ————

a) told
b) been told
c) been telling
d) will be told

9. He —————— much of his spare time with a friend.

a) spend
b) spends
c) is spending
d) has spent

10. He was properly —————— by the authorities.

a) dealt with
b) deal with
c) dealt at
d) dealt after

11. He ——————- ill for a weak when his brother came.

a) was
b) had been
c) has been
d) is

12. We ——————- not hurry, we have got plenty of time.

a) need
b) ought
c) must
d) should

13. I ——————- visit my parents every Sunday; now I go twice a month.

a) must
b) used to
c) should
d) will

14. Candidates —————— not write their names on the answer-sheets.

a) should
b) must
c) ought
d) need

15. How ————— you call me a liar?

a) dare
b) must
c) should
d) would

16. Children ————— to respect their parents.

a) need
b) ought
c) should
d) must

17. In my youth I —————- exercise everyday.

a) took
b) had taken
c) was taking
d) take

18. He said that he ——————- from fever for three days.

a) had been suffering
b) was suffering
c) suffered
d) is suffering

19. By this time next year, he —————– the construction of his house.

a) will have completed
b) would complete
c) would have completed
d) should have completed

20. He does not ——————– to go against the wishes of his father.

a) dare
b) need
c) ought
d) should

21. —————— you go to Delhi, do visit my brother there.

a) Would
b) Should
c) Will
d) Could

22. Work hard lest you —————- fail.

a) should
b) could
c) would
d) might

23. If he had not made a mistake, the teacher ——————- punished him.

a) would not have
b) should not have
c) could not have
d) will not have

24. The sailors ——————– to the broken mast, as the ship sank.

a) clung
b) were clinging
c) cling
d) was clinging

25. The snake ————— round his hand, but he flung it away.

a) wound
b) wind
c) was winding
d) had wound


1. were resumed
2. been solved
3. awaited
4. occurred
5. selected
6. left
7. have occurred
8. been told
9. spends
10. dealt with
11. had been
12. need
13. used to
14. must
15. dare
16. ought
17. took
18. had been suffering
19. will have completed
20. dare
21. Should
22. should
23. would not have
24. clung
25. wound

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