There and their

These words are often confused. There has two uses. It can be an adverb of place.

  • Put the vessels there. (= Put the vessels in that place.)
  • I went there yesterday. (= I went to that place yesterday.)

‘Here’ is the opposite of ‘there’.

  • Come here. (= Come to this place.)

There can also be used as an introductory subject.

  • There is a hole in my socks.
  • There are some men outside.
  • Is there water on the moon?
  • There are some apples in the fridge.
  • There was nobody at home.

Their is a possessive word like my, your or his. It goes before a noun.

  • I have never been to their house.
  • Their children are very smart.
  • Their story touched my heart.

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