Use the same word as verb and noun | English for SSLC Kerala Syllabus

Read the following sentences.

He bought a new bag.

He bagged the first prize

In the first sentence ‘bag’ is used as a noun whereas in the second it is used as a verb. To bag is to get something before other people do or to win a prize.

Use each of the following words in sentences of your own as a noun and as a verb.

a. water

b. pen

c. pocket

d. tax

e. show

f. care


Water as a noun

We cannot survive without water. (In this sentence, the word water is used as a noun)

Water as a verb

Should I water the plants? (In this sentence the word ‘water’ is used as a verb.)

Pen as a noun

Have you got a pen? (Here the word ‘pen’ is used as a noun.)

Pen as a verb

This is the house where Anne Frank penned her famous diaries.

After retiring from the army, the General penned a service diary.

Pocket as a noun

He put the money in his pocket. (Here the word pocket is used as a noun.)

There is a hole in my pocket. (Noun)

Pocket as a verb

When nobody was looking, he pocketed the mobile phone found lying on the bench.

To pocket is to put something in your pocket to steal it.

Tax as a noun

She owns tens of thousands of rupees in unpaid tax.

Tax as a verb

The children taxed her patience by asking the same questions again and again.

To tax someone is to make things difficult for them.

Show as a noun

Her role was small but she delivered a fantastic performance and stole the show.

I have bought tickets for the show.

Show as a verb

She likes to show off her wealth.

Care as a noun

It is evident that a lot of care has gone into his work.

Precious glassware must be handled with proper care.

Care as a verb

I don’t care about your opinion.


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