Using Let | How To Use Let Correctly

Let can be used to introduce suggestions and orders. It is followed by object + Infinitive without to.

  • Let the show go on.
  • Let me get you a cup of coffee.
  • Let us eat – I am hungry.

There are two possible negative forms – let us not and do not let us.

  • Let us not stray from the right path.
  • Let us not get angry.
  • Do not let us forget our goals in life.

Let with first person pronouns

When let is followed by a first person pronoun, it is considered a kind of imperative. Let us (also let’s) is used to make suggestions or to give instructions or orders to a group that includes the speaker.

  • Let us go for a walk.
  • Let us eat something.

In question tags shall we? is used. Let’s is used as a short answer.

  • ‘Let us have a drink, shall we?’ ‘Yes, let’s.’

Let me is used to give instructions to oneself. The expressions let me see and let me think are very common.

  • ‘Can I have the report ready by this evening?’ ‘Let me see.’

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