Vocabulary exercise | mind, emotions

1. Practitioner trained in Freudian techniques

a) Psychologist

b) Psychoanalyst

c) Psychotherapist

2. Foot doctor

a) Chiropodist

b) Osteopath

c) Chiropractor

3. Handwriting analyst

a) Graphologist

b) Chirographer

c) Cacographer

4. Mentally or emotionally disturbed

a) Psychological

b) Psychopathic

c) Psychic

5. Originating in the emotions

a) Psychic

b) Psychogenic

c) Psychoanalytic

6. Describing bodily ailments tied up with the emotions

a) Psychosomatic

b) Psychopathic

c) Psychiatric

7. Gum specialist

a) Periodontist

b) Orthodontist

c) Endodontist

8. Specialist in tooth extraction

a) Orthodontist

b) Exodontist

c) Endodontist

9. Apparatus used to measure blood pressure

a) Barometer

b) Thermometer

c) Sphygmomanometer

10. Prediction in palm reading

a) Chiromancy

b) Chirography

c) Chiropody

11. Artistic handwriting

a) Calligraphy

b) Chirography

c) Graphology

12. One whose handwriting is ugly and illegible

a) Cacographer

b) Calligrapher

13. Deteriorated old age

a) Senility

b) Gerontology

c) Senescence

14. Medical specialty dealing with the aged

a) Gerontology

b) Geriatrics

c) Chiropractic

15. Anti-social person who may commit criminal acts

a) Psychopath

b) Sociopath

c) Osteopath


1. b) Psychoanalyst

2. a) Chiropodist

3. a) Graphologist

4. b) Psychopathic

5. b) Psychogenic

6. a) Psychosomatic

7. a) Periodontist

8. b) Exodontist

9. c) Sphygmomanometer

10. a) Chiromancy

11. a) Calligraphy

12. a) Cacographer

13. a) Senility

14. b) Geriatrics

15. a) Psychopath


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