Verbs And Tenses Worksheet For Class 10

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Complete the following sentences using an appropriate verb form.

1. She --------------------- stories. (write / writes)

2. We -------------------- waiting for you. (are / have / is)

3. It --------------------- raining. (has / was / had)

4. Raju and his brother ------------------------ at a factory. (work / works)

5. The thief ------------------------ (has caught / has been caught / had caught)

6. I ------------------- him yesterday. (visited / have visited)

7. We --------------------- to the movies last night. (went / had gone)

8. He ------------------- here two days ago. (came / has come / had come)

9. I --------------------- that movie. (have seen / saw)

10. He --------------------- from Mumbai University in 2012. (graduated / has graduated)


1. She writes stories.

2. We are waiting for you.

3. It was raining.

4. Raju and his brother work at a factory.

5. The thief has been caught.

6. I visited him yesterday. (The present perfect tense cannot be used with adverbs referring to the past.)

7. We went to the movies last night.

8. He came here two days ago.

9. I have seen that movie. (We use the present perfect tense to talk about actions or situations completed at an unspecified point of time in the past.)

10. He graduated from Mumbai University in 2012.

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