Common Uncountable Nouns

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Accommodation is uncountable. You can't say: 'an accommodation' or 'accommodations'. Accommodation means 'a place to live'.

We couldn't find accommodation near the coast.
In New York, you can't find cheap accommodation.

In American English, the plural form 'accommodations' is sometimes used. This is not considered correct in British English.

There is no second class accommodation on this flight.
Once he had found a job, he started looking for accommodation.
The price includes food and accommodation.

Accommodation has a countable equivalent: a place to live.

I am looking for a place to live. (NOT I am looking for an accommodation.)


Advice is uncountable. You can't say 'an advice' or 'advices'.

The countable expressions are: some advice, any advice, a piece of advice, pieces of advice

I need some advice. OR I need a piece of advice. (NOT I need an advice.)
The doctor gave me some good advice on parenting.
Can I give you a piece of advice?
I have never enjoyed her company. She gives me a lot of advice.


Baggage is uncountable. The countable equivalent is 'a piece of baggage'.

He has too much baggage.
If you carry excess baggage, you will have to pay extra.
Don't take too much baggage with you.
Maya had too many pieces of baggage with her. We had a tough time getting them all on the train.
You can't leave your baggage in the lobby.
Will you look after my baggage when I am away?


Information is uncountable. You can't say 'an information' or 'informations'. There are several countable equivalents: some information / a lot of information / a piece of information / a bit of information / pieces of information

Have you got any information about the program? (NOT Have you got any informations about the program.)
I received an interesting piece of information yesterday.

Information is usually followed by about. On is also possible in more formal contexts.

This website gives information about / on the giant panda.
I am looking for information about colon cancer.
She told me some information about the new products.

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