The present continuous tense

Present continuous tense form


I am writing.
She is writing.
You are writing.


I am not writing.
She is not writing.
You are not writing.


Am I writing?
Is she writing?
Are you writing?

Uses of the present progressive tense

to denote time around now

We use the present progressive to talk about temporary actions and situations that are going on 'around now'.

The present progressive suggests that the action began before the moment of speaking; it is going on at the moment of speaking and will probably go on after the moment of speaking.

developing and changing situations

The present progressive can be used to talk about developing and changing situations.

talking about the future

We often use the present progressive to talk about the future.

physical feelings

Verbs that refer to physical feelings (e.g. hurt, ache, feel) can often be used in simple or progressive tenses without much difference of meaning.

verbs not used in progressive forms

There are some verbs which are never or hardly ever used in progressive forms.

Examples are: believe, love, doubt, hate, suppose, prefer, imagine, realise, understand, know, want remember, wish, like, need etc.

Some other verbs are not used in progressive forms when they have certain meanings.

Examples are: feel (= have an opinion), see (= understand), think (= have an opinion), look (= seem).

Formation of questions and negatives

Affirmative sentences in the present continuous tense can be converted into negative sentences by putting not after be (is, am, are).

Sentences in the present continuous tenses can be converted into questions by putting be before the subject.

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