Present Tense Or Past Tense | Class 4 Grammar Worksheet

Say whether the verbs in the following sentences are in the present tense or in the past tense.

1. I get up at six o'clock.

2. He goes for a walk in the morning.

3. They were playing in the garden.

4. The film was very interesting.

5. The boys are flying kites.

6. The teacher taught us a new lesson today.

7. I want to go.

8. I read newspaper every morning.

9. I take a bath every morning.

10. Sania writes with her left hand.

11. Maya is a writer.

12. My mother makes delicious cakes.

13. Sophia has a golden voice.

14. Children usually rush about.

15. This house was built in 1960.


1. Present

2. Present

3. Past

4. Past

5. Present

6. Past

7. Present

8. Present

9. Present

10. Present

11. Present

12. Present

13. Present

14. Present

15. Past

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