Time expressions with simple present tense | Class 7 Grammar Worksheet

1. How often do you visit your grandparents?

2. We usually have meetings on Sundays.

3. I usually get up at six o'clock.

4. We do not eat meat on Saturdays.

5. I usually leave for work at 8.30.

6. The teacher gives us notes after class.

7. She is not expected to be here before 11 o'clock at night.

8. I rarely get up early on Sundays.

9. I don't like to get up before seven in the morning.

10. I don’t work on my computer at night.

11. We have lunch at noon.

12. My dad doesn't work at / on the weekend.

13. I take a short nap in the afternoon.

14. I often work at night.


The prepositions on and at can both be used with the word weekend. On is more common in American English.

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