Simple Present Tense Worksheet Answers

1. My mother usually gets up at six o'clock.

2. My dad usually drinks coffee in the morning.

3. My sister sings really well.

4. I am a medical student.

5. My grandmother lives in Kerala.

6. My little daughter adores her dolls.

7. My son draws beautiful pictures.

8. Supriya helps her mother in the kitchen.

9. Rohan works at a supermarket.

10. Rahul earns a six figure salary.

11. You are the most wonderful person I have ever met.

12. Do you know the answer?

13. Are you happy?

14. Am I getting the best support?

15. My sister does not eat fish or meat.

16. Does your mother like your buddies?

17. Do you know how to swim?

18. How often do you workout?

19. Do you have many friends?

20. They are from Switzerland.

21. Peter visits his grandparents once a month.

22. Jack does not live with his parents.

23. Emily makes delicious cakes.

24. Do you play cricket?

25. I take a shower before I go to bed.

26. Do you understand Hindi?

27. Does he speak Spanish?

28. She does not know English.

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