Tenses Worksheet CBSE Class 9

Complete the following sentences using appropriate verb forms.

Rahul ...........1............ (elect) captain of the school team two years ago. He ...........2............. (win) several trophies since then. Yesterday, however, he ...........3............. (play) a poor game. I am sure that he .........4............ (regain) his form soon.


1. Rahul was elected captain of the school team two years ago.

We need a passive voice (was elected) here because the subject Rahul is not the doer of the action. Something was done to him - he was elected captain.

Here the active voice is: They elected Rahul the captain of the school team.

2. He has won several trophies since then.

We use the present perfect tense here because it is the most common tense for giving news. Here the time expression 'since then' indicates continuity from a past moment to the present moment.

The present perfect tense cannot be used with time expressions referring to the past.


He won two trophies last year. (NOT He has won two trophies last year.)
He has won six trophies so far. (NOT He won six trophies so far.)

3. Yesterday, however, he played a poor game.

We use the simple past tense here because we are talking about something happened in the past. There is also a past time expression (yesterday) in the sentence.

4. I am sure that he will regain his form soon.

We use the simple future tense to make predictions about the future.

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