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Tenses worksheet

Posted by Manjusha. Filed in CBSE English Grammar

Fill in the blanks using an appropriate form of the verb. Choose your answer from the options given in the brackets.

1. Sahil another window yesterday. (breaks / broke)

2. I . an apple in the morning. (eat / ate)

3. She . that she was studying. (say / said)

4. Last Sunday, we . on a picnic. (go / went)

5. I .. John yesterday. (saw / see)

6. My father in a factory. (work / works)

7. They this house in 1976. (build / built)

8. I .. the money yesterday. (send / sent)

9. He lovely poems. (write / writes)

10. Suma .. at a bank. (work / works)

11. Somebody .. on the door. (knock / knocked)

12. The sun . us heat and light. (give / gives)

13. The stars in the sky. (shine / shines)

14. We usually .. bread for breakfast. (have / had)

15. Androcles did not his wicked master. (like / liked)

16. Ivan .. that the dragons were dreadful but not intelligent. (know / knew)


1. Sahil broke another window yesterday.

2. I ate an apple in the morning.

3. She said that she was studying.

4. Last Sunday, we went on a picnic.

5. I saw John yesterday.

6. My father works in a factory.

7. They built this house in 1976.

8. I sent the money yesterday.

9. He writes lovely poems.

10. Suma works at a bank.

11. Somebody knocked on the door.

12. The sun gives us heat and light.

13. The stars shine in the sky.

14. We usually have bread for breakfast.

15. Androcles did not like his wicked master.

16. Ivan knew that the dragons were dreadful but not intelligent.

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