Transformation of sentences part II

Study the following examples.

No other man was as strong as Hercules. (positive)
Hercules was stronger than any other man. (comparative)
Hercules was the strongest of all men. (superlative)

Mt Everest is higher than all other peaks. (comparative)
No other peak in the world is as high as Mt Everest. (positive)
Everest is the highest peak in the world. (superlative)

Kashmir is the most beautiful place I have seen. (superlative)
No other place I have seen is as beautiful as Kashmir. (positive)
Kashmir is more beautiful than any other place I have seen. (comparative)

Nothing else travels as fast as light. (positive)
Light travels faster than anything else. (comparative)
Of all things in the world light travels fastest. (superlative)

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India. (superlative)
Very few cities in India are bigger than Mumbai. (comparative)
Most cities in India are not as big as Mumbai. (positive)

Transforming sentences beginning 'no sooner'

This can be done in two ways - using the expressions as soon as and scarcely (hardly) had ... when ...

No sooner had I reached the station than the train left.
As soon as I reached the station, the train left.
Scarcely (or hardly) had I reached the station when the train left.
No sooner had the thief run out of the jail than the guard fired at him.
As soon as the thief ran out of the jail, the guard fired at him.
Scarcely had the thief run out of the jail when the guard fired at him.
No sooner did I enter the room than the intruder ran away.
As soon as I entered the room, the intruder ran away.
Scarcely had I entered the room when the intruder ran away.

Transforming sentences containing too ... to

This can be done by using so ... that.

The boy was too clever to be taught.
The boy was so clever that he could not be taught.
John is too poor to continue his studies.
John is so poor that he cannot continue his studies.
We are too late to catch the train.
We are so late that we cannot catch the train.
The old man was too tired to walk.
The old man was so tired that he could not walk.

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