Transformation of sentences containing too

The form of a sentence can be changed without changing its meaning. We have already learned that a phrase can be expanded into a clause and a clause can be contracted into a phrase.

In this lesson we will learn the techniques used to transform sentences containing the adverb too.

Study the example given below.

The news is too good to be true.

We can express the same idea using so...that....

The news is so good that it cannot be true. (Note the negative verb in the that-clause.)


Rewrite the following sentences using so...that....

1. He is too proud to beg.

2. This book is too difficult to understand.

3. You speak too fast for me to follow.

4. He is too old to work.

5. There was too much noise for me to enjoy the film.

6. I am too tired to walk.

7. She is too young to have grandchildren.

8. The box was too heavy for the boy to carry.

9. The apples are too cheap to be good.

10. She is too clever not to see through your tricks.


1. He is so proud that he will not beg.

2. This book is so difficult that it cannot be understood.

3. You speak so fast that I cannot follow you.

4. He is so old that he cannot work.

5. There was so much noise that I could not enjoy the film.

6. I am so tired that I cannot walk.

7. She is so young that she cannot have grandchildren.

8. The box was so heavy that the boy could not carry it.

9. The apples are so cheap that they cannot be good.

10. She is so clever that she will see through your tricks.

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