3 Things You Don’t Know About SAT

Do you know that the SAT test is over 90 years old? SAT was started in the US for students to get college admissions and since then is widely popular all across the globe. If you are preparing for college or university, you must pass the SAT to gain admission. SAT stands for scholastic aptitude test, but ever since its inception, the name has been changed time and again. In this article I will tell you about 3 facts that you didn’t know about SAT. If you want to get admission in a top-notch college or university of the town, you must study hard and pass the test.

3 things you didn’t know about the SAT:

1.This exam draws inspiration from an army IQ test

Going back in history, during the time of World War I, Carl Brigham, a professor at Princeton University, started to administer an IQ test for around 2 million army recruits. The ethos behind setting up this test was to check the IQ level of all the prospective soldiers and also select the best ones. Later in 1920, Mr.Brigham, a famous author, initiated his test to check first-year students at the time of admission. It was then that he was brought in by the College Board to devise a test that would be given to all incoming fresh college students. In 1926, the first official SAT was conducted.

2.The first SAT is nothing close to today’s test

You will be surprised to know that the first SAT had around 315 questions sub-divided into nine segments. The test would check a person’s mathematical skills, intelligence, logical inference, and paragraph reading. Today the test is a lot more different and precise. The questions are less but equally tough. Today SAT has four major divisions such as reading, writing, math, and essay writing. Total time is one hour and five minutes, and the number of questions is less. If you are reading as a concerned student and want to get admission with the good score, you can consider Kranse Sat Prep From Digital Vaults.

3.One man took it several times

With its popularity all over the world, some people have also taken undue advantage of it. In 2011 Long Island, Sam Eshaghoff was arrested for taking the test for more than 12 students. He was a native from New York and admitted that he sat in the exam for 3 years consecutively. That’s not all; he also took $2500 as a test fee from each student for sitting in the exam. Apart from that, he scored very well in every test. Unfortunately, he got arrested and was charged under several criminal offenses such as criminal impersonation, falsifying business records, and scheming to fraud.
It is no wonder that the SAT has come a long way. If you want to feature in the alumni of the best colleges and universities, you have to work hard and score well.

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