10 Resume Writing Tips

Having a selling resume will greatly improve your chances of getting that dream job. So how does one write that perfect resume that is sure to grab the attention of prospective employers? Here in this article we give 10 resume writing tips.

1. Know the purpose of your resume

Your resume should not be a long and boring piece of writing that would make you look like a desperate job hunter. The purpose of your resume is to get that call for interview. Your resume should clearly state your strengths and give the impression that you are sought after.

2. Demonstrate your strengths and qualities

You may be disciplined, hardworking and creative, but no one will believe that you possess these qualities just because you list them in your resume. Instead try to connect these qualities with work experiences wherein you demonstrated these skills to the advantages of your company.

3. Use the right keywords

Make sure that you use the right keywords in your resume. Companies have started using digital databases to search for candidates. If your resume does not have the keywords related to the post you are applying for, it simply will not pop up when the HR personnel run search queries based on those specific keywords. That means your resume will not even be considered. Check the job description and the job ads to know what the right keywords are.

4. Use effective titles

It is said that you only have 5 seconds to grab the attention of your employer. To make sure that your resume does get the attention it deserves, use effective titles. Use descriptive titles that would give the employer an idea about your past work experiences and skills.

5. Proofread it twice

One minor typo is enough to ruin your chances. So proofread it again and again. If you do not know how to proofread effectively, get the help of a friend or someone else you trust.

6. Use bullet points and short sentences

Do not expect the employer to have the time or patience to read your long, winding stories. Therefore make their job easier (and your chances brighter) by using bullet points and short sentences.

7. Talk about your professional goals

All of us have got some professional goals. Talking about them in your resume give the employer an idea of where you are going what you want to achieve. There is no need to have a special section devoted to your professional objectives, but the overall tone of the resume should convey it. Make sure that your goals are in line with those of the company you are applying to.

8. Put the most important information first

The information should be listed in the order of their importance. When writing about your skills, list the most important one first. Similarly, in most cases your previous work experience is the most important part of your resume. So put it at the top.

9. Pay enough attention to typography

Format your resume. Use big enough fonts. 12 points is probably a good font size to use in your resume. Limit the use of capital letters and avoid using all capital headings.

10. Do not repeat what is obvious

Avoid including statements like ‘Available for interview’ and ‘References available upon request’. Your sending the resume itself indicates that you are available for interview. As far as possible avoid repeating what is obvious.

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