Essay Writing Tips: How to Organize Your Ideas

Some people may be born to become writers. They are skilled and can craft literary pieces effortlessly. But there are people who are born to excel in other fields such as science, engineering or mathematics. However, all students are required to write essays as part of their student life. Essay writing in English means that you are not only developing the skills you have to excel in your field. It is also a test on how much comprehension you have of the topics discussed in your subject. Here are some to help you write a good essay.

Create an Outline Before you Start Writing

One main issue that students face when writing essays are the difficulty of organizing their ideas or thoughts to come up with a good essay. You may have wonderful ideas or opinions about your topic, but if you do not know how to express yourself effectively, then your readers will not understand your essay. Creating an outline will help you organize your thought even before you start writing. It might feel monotonous but an outline will also help you plan your essay and avoid any deviation from your main point.

What is the purpose of your Essay?

The Thesis should answer this question as you go about your writing. Before you start, make research and do some readings related to your topic. Once you found the answer, or you now know how to the question and be able to defend it with reliable points and arguments, everything you write should be focused on this point. In most cases, students would mention the thesis at the end part of the introduction to inform the reader about where your essay is heading to.

Support your Stated Points

You can easily prove your point when you have done your research and know how to answer the thesis. On this part, all you have to do is provide evidence, such as studies made or quotations to support your arguments. Write your supporting points in separate paragraphs to avoid confusion but make sure that there is continuity in the flow of your thoughts. Avoid jumping from one idea especially if they are not related. Try to expound on your point by sharing your opinion and why you have arrived at such a belief based on the research that you have conducted.

Convince Readers in Your Conclusion

The conclusion is a very important component of an essay. You have to recall your thesis and convince your readers to agree with your decisions in your essay. Avoid repeating words or sentences. The key here is to refresh your readers of your topic, thesis and your arguments.

Proofread Your Work

To ensure the quality and readability of your essay, proofreading and editing are imperative. Often, the writer is no longer able to pinpoint minute errors of his work, thus you can ask assistance from professional essay writing and editing services or from your friends to read and correct your work. English or literature may not be your forte, but consider essay writing as a math or scientific formula that you need to plan out and craft meticulously. You need to follow basic solutions and steps to come up with a good essay that readers will understand and appreciate.

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