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How to Write an Essay Outline for High School

So, you’re assigned with the task of writing an essay for a high school. And the very first thing you do in this case is surfing online looking for the easy guidelines on how to write an essay outline high school, as well as simple tips on how to perform research, editing and proofreading. One of the best ways to organize the English essays quickly and thus make the writing process less challenging is through creating a short outline for the essay type you’re supposed to complete. A well written outline, just like a strong thesis statement, is a great way to put your ideas in a logical order if you’re writing an essay, a speech or even a study guide!

Order Your Key Sub topics

Once you’re done with choosing the right topic for your paper, make sure to order them in sub topics. Are you in the middle of writing a historical argument or presenting a story? If yes, a chronological order can help you deal with sub topics. In other case, choose the topic that has a lot of supporting materials and guides easily accessible for the students. From here, you, as the writer, have to list your major sub topics and make sure they naturally flow into each other. Do not forget to label all these points with Roman numerals.

Attach Every Category with at Least Two Points

The best essay writers recommend choosing these sub-points on the basis of the essay purpose and available supporting materials. That’s how they create the outline of the essay. If you take a look at the outlines’ examples provided by various internet custom writing agencies (believe it or not, but there is a friendly essay helper eager to lend a hand!), you will see that in every sample this level is labeled in letters like A, B, C, etc.

Add Some Sub-Points to Your Points

In case some of your lettered sub-points represent the topic that is too big or you’d like to explain some extra issues, make sure to add one more layer fast! That’s what the authors of various essays writing prompts call the third level of the outline and recommend labeling it with ordinary numbers.


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