Essay Help: 5 Important Things To Have to Write A Great Essay

Well-crafted essays are vital in winning academically. There are more than exams and recitations that students must excel at, they are also tasked to write essays to show their understanding of the subject. In most cases, students are not well guided on how to write good essays. Marked essay from their professors leaves no indication on where they need improvements or how they can write better. Here are 5 important things to have to write great essays.


Most students are not thrilled to hear that they need to write essays as part of their curriculum or subject requirement. This is why many find it hard to even start writing. For you to write a good essay, you must first have the enthusiasm and motivation to write. If the topic seems boring or uninteresting for you, find an angle where you can relate it with your hobbies and passions. Throughout your student life, you will feel these tasks to be boring, tiring and it can burn you out. Take an occasional time-out with friends to revitalize your mind and for you to be able to focus better on your essay writing.

Clear Your Schedule for Writing

When you are given the task to write an essay, clear up some of your time and make room for writing. Schedule your tasks to when you will conduct your research, when will you sit down to write the parts of your essay and when do plan to have it checked, proofread and edited. Be sure to complete the main task of writing your essay weeks before your deadline so you will have ample time for revisions if needed. Avoid waiting until the deadline is fast approaching otherwise you will rush through your essay and have a haphazardly done output.

Utilize Essay Plans

One way to save time and organize your ideas for your essay is to create an essay plan. You can seek paper writing help or essay writing help online on how to come up with an effective essay plan. This plan should be completed even before you start writing so that you will not mix up your ideas and ensure the smooth transition of your paragraphs. Quotes, ideas, and data you gathered from your research can be placed in a logical manner in this essay plan for easy composition of thoughts into sentences.

Find Sources

Soon as you have cleared your schedule and found the time for research, hit the library or check online libraries for potential sources of ideas, information and data relative to your essay. It is easier now than before and doing research can be quite fun and educational too. It is also possible to have competition for similar materials so it pays to be creative and resourceful with available materials that you can use for your essay.

Time to Write

When you have everything you need, start writing the body of your essay. Make sure that each paragraph discusses a point in your argument. Some students tackle the introduction last to get a better grip of the arguments discussed first. You can express your main analysis as you introduce your topic and summarize everything in your conclusion.

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