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Abase (verb)

  • Present: abase / abases
  • Past simple: abased
  • Past participle: abased
  • Gerund or –ing form: abasing

To abase yourself is to behave in a way that degrades or humiliates you.

  • He doesn’t mind abasing himself before his superior officers.
  • The exasperated mother asked her son to change his surname, then go and abase himself.
  • She was a self-respecting woman. Still she often showed an inclination to abase herself.
  • He was not a good boss. He always made his employees abase themselves before him.

Synonyms: humiliate, belittle, demean, lower, humble, degrade, disparage, debase, cheapen, reduce

Idioms with similar meanings: lick someone’s boots, suck up to someone

  • He was never popular with his staff because he wanted them to lick his boots. (= He wanted them to act with extreme servility.)
  • She wanted to get a raise so she sucked up to her boss.


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