Abstinent (AB stuh nunt)

When you are abstinent, you stop doing something voluntarily. This could be a harmful habit like smoking. A smoker enjoys smoking, but it is bad for him so his doctor may advise him to abstain from smoking.

  • Martin used to be a chain smoker, but now he is abstinent. (He does not smoke now.)
  • As I was dieting, I tried to be abstinent but eventually I realized that I lacked the willpower to resist the charm of chocolate cakes and ice-creams.

Abstinent takes the preposition from.

  • The doctor advised the patient to be totally abstinent from alcohol.

Abstinence (noun)

Abstinence is the practice of abstaining.

  • In a world where self-indulgence is regarded as a virtue, does it make sense to preach abstinence?

Abstinently (adverb)

Abstention (noun)

Abstention is the act of choosing not to do something. This word is also used to refer to a formal refusal to vote on something.

  • The high rate of voter abstention clearly shows that people have lost faith in their leaders.

Abstinent: synonyms

Abstentious, continent, sober, temperate, self-denying

Abstinent: antonyms

Self-indulgent, rapacious, voracious, greedy, gluttonous



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