Phrases With Such

Here is a list of phrases using the word such. Each phrase is followed by its meaning or definition. Example sentences are also given.

…and such

This expression is used to show that you can list items of the kind you have just mentioned.

  • I don’t like him. He always talks about computers and such. (Instead of saying He always talks about computers, gadgets, information technology etc.)

As such

This expression is used after a noun.

  • He is a good businessman and is regarded as such. (= He is a good businessman and is regarded as a good businessman.)
  • She is not a private tutor as such; she just helps me with the homework sometimes.

Or some such

This expression is used when you are not exactly sure whether you have mentioned the right person or thing.

  • She said something in Chinese or some such language. I couldn’t understand a word. (The speaker is not exactly sure whether the language was Chinese.)

Such as

This phrase is used for giving examples of the same type of person or thing you have just mentioned.

  • He is good at playing instruments such as the violin and the piano.
  • The doctor has advised me to avoid fatty foods such as burgers and cakes.

Note that such as is followed by nouns. It cannot be followed by other kinds of words.

Such as it is

This expression is mainly used in an informal style. When you say that you can use something such as it is, you do not have a good opinion of the thing you have mentioned.

  • You can borrow my bicycle such as it is. (Suggesting that it is not a very good one)
  • I’m trying to sell the car such as it is. (It is not a particularly good car.)

There is no such thing as

This expression is used for saying that a particular thing does not exist.

  • There is no such thing as good luck or bad luck.

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