Phrases With Anything

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions using the word anything. Each expression / phrase is followed by its meaning and example sentences.

Anything goes

This expression is used for saying that any type of behaviour is allowed in a particular situation.

  • We give enough freedom for our kids, but that doesn’t mean that anything goes.

As … as anything

This expression is used with adjectives or adverbs. If you are as excited as anything, you are extremely excited.

  • She was as nervous as anything.

As much as anything / as much as anything else

This expression means no less than anything else.

  • You need to look at durability and mileage as much as anything (else) while buying a car. (= Factors like durability and mileage are as important as anything else.)
  • While choosing a bride, you need to consider her character and upbringing as much as anything.

Like anything

Like anything means very much. This expression is mainly used as an intensifier.

  • She worked like anything to finish that assignment in time. (= She worked really hard to finish that assignment in time.)

Not anything like / near

If something is not anything like, it is quite different. If something is not anything near, it is nowhere near.

  • Her character isn’t anything like her sister’s.
  • They didn’t get anything near the price they were asking for.

Or anything

Used for referring to other things of the same type.

  • Would you like a coffee or anything? (= Would you like a coffee or something similar?)

If anything

This expression is used to suggest that a situation may not have changed but if there is any change or difference, then that has got to be what you have mentioned.

  • Many studies have suggested that the world is getting warmer but our statistics show that, if anything, the average temperatures are falling. (= The temperatures might have remained the same but if there is a change, they are falling not increasing.)
  • Her diet doesn’t seem to have helped her. If anything, she now looks fatter than she did before.
  • I’m not angry. If anything, I feel a little disappointed.

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