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Accommodated, accommodates, accommodating, accommodation


Accommodate (verb)

1) To accommodate somebody is to provide them with a place or room to stay in.

  • The hotel can accommodate up to 800 guests.
  • The Olympic village accommodated athletes from all over the world.
  • The members of the national cricket team were accommodated in luxury hotels.

2) provide enough space for something or someone

  • The auditorium should be able to accommodate at least 900 chairs.

3) consider and include something

  • Your business strategy should accommodate changes in the market.


To accommodate yourself to something

To accommodate yourself to something is to change your attitudes or tastes in order to deal with a new situation.

  • Her success can be attributed to her ability to accommodate herself to every circumstance.

Accommodating (adjective)

1) helpful and easy to work with

  • I have never had any issues with her. She is very accommodating.
  • Natasha is very popular among her colleagues because of her accommodating attitude.

Accommodation (countable noun)

1) a place for someone to stay and live, or work in

  • The lodge provides accommodation for up to 50 people.
  • Travel websites make it easier to find accommodation in foreign cities.

2) a house, flat, or hotel room

  • The biggest problem that migrants face is the lack of affordable rented accommodation.

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