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Academia, academic, academically, academics, academies


Academic as an adjective

1) relating to education, educational systems or educational institutions like colleges and universities.

  • Her parents were in business but she decided to take the academic route. (= She decided to pursue university education)

2) theoretical and not practical

  • Most universities offer both academic and professional degrees.

3) good at learning things by studying or reading

  • Although he was an intelligent guy, he was not very academic.
  • He was not very academic, but that didn’t prevent him from making many great inventions.

Academic as a noun

1) a teacher or professor at a college or university

  • The conference was attended by several academics from Europe and America.

Academically (adverb)

The government offers several scholarships for academically brilliant students.

  • His parents couldn’t understand why he failed his exams because he was doing well academically.

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