It Is Easier To Become An Educated Person Now Than In The Past | TOEFL Independent Essay Sample

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is easier to become an educated person now than in the past?

TOEFL Independent Essay Sample

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Technologies such as the internet have enabled people to learn from the comforts of their home. There are also national and international laws that make it mandatory for parents to send their children to school. Consequently, it has become a lot easier to receive education now than in the past.

In the past, education was the privilege of the rich. Poor people could not afford to send their children to school or college and as a result in many countries the literacy rates were pretty low. This is no longer the case. In almost all countries now there are laws that make primary education universal. Parents are required to enroll their children in schools and governments provide free education at the primary and secondary level. In some countries, governments even provide free meals to keep children in school. Such laws have made education universally accessible even for children coming from poor families.

Another factor that has benefited the cause of education is the rise in the income levels of families. More and more families can now afford to educate their children. Actually, parents are sparing no efforts to send their children to the best schools and colleges in town. This is mainly because they now realize that a university degree is the key to their children’s secure future. Even poor parents are taking advantage of government grants and scholarships to send their children to university.

The internet is another innovation that brought knowledge and education to the living room. The internet is now available in almost all parts of the world and students can earn degrees online without leaving their home. National and international universities offer online programs for students who cannot study on campus. This has enabled working people and those who had to drop out of school due to some reasons to continue their studies and acquire more qualifications. For example, someone living in India or China can now acquire a degree from a prestigious American University without having to live or study in America. Online education is also quite cheaper and hence more popular. Another advantage of the internet is that it provides free lessons and tutorials on almost all topics. People can learn anything from languages to cooking through videos and online portals. There are forums where people can ask their questions and get expert answers. In other words, the internet has enabled even those lacking formal education to acquire more skills and knowledge that too from the comforts of their home.

To conclude, thanks to new age technologies, higher incomes and laws making it mandatory for children to attend school, acquiring education has become a whole lot easier now than in the past.


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