Article Writing Exercise for Class 9 | Sample 2

India believes in the high value of family. But changes have occurred with the emergence of nuclear families. Write an article for a leading magazine in about 100-200 words on the changes both good and bad, that have resulted from the changes. (CBSE 2015)

You are Sunil / Sunitha

Sample Article

Family Values Getting Eroded By The Emergence Of Nuclear Families

By Sunitha

Joint families used to be the hallmark of our famed Indian culture. We believed in loving and sharing. Alas! Times have changed. Joint families have given way to nuclear families. Unfortunately, family values are also dying. We no longer believe in loving or sharing. We are becoming more and more selfish and disrespectful.

The elderly are the worst affected by the rise of joint families. In their twilight years, they become a liability for their children and grandchildren. Many of them are now sent to old-age homes where they do not receive the care they need. Those who continue to live with their children and grandchildren are often ridiculed and made to feel unwanted. They spend their last years in misery. Can we permit this? We will also reach their stage within a few decades. Is this what we want to happen to us? If your answer is ‘No’, you must do something to protect your family from disintegrating in this fashion.

A few decades ago our families consisted of grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, children and grandchildren. Everyone felt loved and respected in those days. Compare this with the nuclear families of today that consist of just the parents and one or two children, all glued to their smart phones or gaming consoles. They do not even have time to engage in a hearty conversation. This is certainly an alarming trend – something that can shake the very fundamentals of our hallowed Indian culture. Sensitising children about the importance of protecting family values and staying rooted to their culture is the only way forward.

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