Article Writing Exercise For Class 9 CBSE | Sample 1

Are you really helping the needy when you give money to beggars?

Please think again!!!

Your generosity has resulted in:

  • More and more number of people taking to begging as a profession
  • Exploitation of children for begging purposes
  • Increased number of beggars at traffic intersections
  • Increased case of petty crime on the streets
  • Disruption of the free flow of traffic
  • Increased number of road accidents

So, before your compassion takes over, remember!

Your help makes a person a beggar for life. Please do not give money to beggars. Support efforts of the Social Welfare Department and Government for curbing begging in India

Issued in Public Interest by Department of Social Welfare

Article Writing Exercise

Write an article in about 100-200 words for a newspaper making a case for a total ban on begging. (CBSE 2012)

Sample article

Begging Is A Crime – Needs A Ban

Our country is the land of great saints who lived on alms. They were not beggars and they had no material desires. They sought alms to satisfy their hunger. But today India has become the land of beggars. Actually, begging has become a major a profession in India. It is estimated that there are over forty-five lakh beggars in the country. We find them everywhere – at the traffic intersections, near the temples, railway stations and bus stands. Many of them are able-bodied and quite capable of making a living on their own. Yet they resort to begging because people are ready to give them money. While you might think of them as poor and helpless, many of them are also thieves. By simply eliminating them from our streets, we will be able to reduce the number of petty crimes like pick-pocketing.  The rising cases of child kidnapping and trafficking can also be linked to the growing mafia of beggars. They kidnap children, maim them and then use them for begging purposes. When we give money to those poor children, we are not helping them. Rather we are helping the begging mafia.

India has several social welfare programmes that enable people to live without having to beg. If some people still decide to beg, it is purely their choice and we must not support it. It is high time the government introduced laws that make begging a serious crime. We need a total ban on begging – nothing short of it will do. For the time being, let us stop this practice of indiscriminate alms-giving. There is no harm in helping the crippled but be sure to ask able-bodied beggars to find work to make a living.

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