Article Sample 5 | Class 9 CBSE English Worksheets

Taking ideas from the MCB unit ‘People’ write an article in about 150 words for your school magazine on the topic ‘Where Should The Poor Go?’ (CBSE 2012)

You may take help from the clues given below.

  • Blamed for every ill of society
  • Trapped in a vicious circle with no freedom from discrimination
  • Hatred and rejection from the so called rich
  • Cursed with poverty, disease, dirt, crime and unhappiness

Where Should The Poor Go?

Poverty is a curse. It is also the root cause of many social evils and crimes. For example, the poor are more likely to get into crime and anti-social activities than the rich. They also face discrimination. The rich look down upon them and blame them for all the evils plaguing the society. But where will the poor go? Just like everybody else, they also deserve a place in the society. They belong to it and as such they should get their rightful place in it.

In spite of the rapid progress the country has made over the years, India still has a large number of poor people. They live in unhygienic surroundings. Their children do not go to school. They do not receive healthcare. This is sad, especially when we consider the fact that the country has several schemes for the poor. In spite of these schemes, if the poor still live in poverty that is because the aid does not reach them. Corrupt officials, politicians and middlemen pocket the benefits. The poor can only blame their ignorance and illiteracy for this. If they were an educated lot, they would have better awareness of their rights.

Poverty is no birth right. It is possible to rise above it. Educating the masses is the most effective way to tackle this social problem. This requires political will. The poor must also show the resolve to fight for their causes. They should realize that there is a limit to what the government can do for them. If they really want rise above their poverty, they have to work hard and stop blaming their circumstances.

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