Article Writing Sample For Class 10

While reading the newspaper, you came across the following news item.

Travelling as a part of education

Travelling exercises a broadening influence upon human intellect. It helps us form an impartial and detached view about ourselves. It encourages a sense of enterprise, action and adventure. It enables contact with nature which uplifts and purifies our mind.

People rarely understand the educational value of travelling. Based on the information given above, and using ideas from the unit, Travel and Tourism and your own ideas, write an article in about 100-120 words on the topic.

Class 10 Article Writing Sample

Advantages of Travelling


Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures known to mankind. And yet, few people fully understand its value. One of the biggest advantages of travelling is that it changes our perspectives on life. When we travel we come across people who look and live differently from us. Seeing change all around enables us to accept differences and thus become more tolerant.

Travelling also teaches us to live on very little and get out of our comfort zones. For example, journeys that are physically or emotionally demanding make us stronger and prepare us for the many challenges that await us in life. Better still, people who travel frequently learn to appreciate what they have. When affluent travellers come across poor people deprived of even the basic necessities of life, they learn to count their blessings and thus become grateful.

Travelling also teaches us a lot about our world. We discover new cultures, traditions, religions and lifestyles. We get to learn new languages and taste exotic cuisines. While knowledge can certainly be gained from books or other sources, only travelling provides first-hand experience. Needless to say, we must never waste even a single opportunity to travel.


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