Class 10 Letter Sample | Letter To The Editor About Cultural Heritage

You are very disappointed to see the inclination of today’s youth towards the western culture. They are forgetting our tradition and history although we have a rich legacy. Write a letter to the editor or a national daily expressing views on the theme ‘Our rich cultural heritage’ in 100-120 words recalling ideas from MCB unit ‘National Integration’ along with your own ideas.

Sample letter

Dear Sir

The Indian culture is perhaps the oldest culture in the world and it can also be considered the greatest. Our history spans thousands of years whereas most of the developed nations have only a few hundred years of history. Yet, we are seeing an unhealthy fascination for the western culture among our young people. They are drifting away from their culture and heritage. While I see absolutely nothing wrong with embracing new cultures and lifestyle, we cannot allow our children to develop disdain for their own culture. Parents, teachers and the media can play important roles in making young people aware of their rich legacy.

I believe that esteemed newspapers like yours should take active interest in promoting our culture and heritage by publishing columns that make young children familiar with their traditions, mythology and historical figures. Such initiatives will make children realize that some of the greatest men and women in history took birth in this country. This will also make them proud of their nation and help them stay rooted in their culture.




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