CBSE Class 10 Letter Sample | A Letter To The Editor

You are Sunidhi Prakash, the Vice Captain of Brilliant Vidyalaya, Barra, Kanpur. You have recently noticed several posters around your school premises conveying a hazardous message:

Lose weight in just a month!

“A WONDER DIET comes to your rescue…

A privilege available for only a few!”

Write a letter to the Editor of The DWA, in not more than 120 words, drawing attention towards harm caused by such advertising. Propose the implementation of “Wholesome Lunch Month’ in schools as an idea to address such practices, mention the advantages and share suggestions to foster healthy eating routines and develop positive body image among youngsters.

Letter To Editor Example

Sunidhi Prakash

Vice Captain, Brilliant Vidyalaya

Barra, Kanpur

December 4, 2022

The Editor


Subject: Hazardous diets misleading youngsters

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the increase in adverts promoting hazardous diets promising quick weight loss. I have been noticing several such ads promising fast weight loss around my school. They not only create the false impression that thin is beautiful but also trigger eating disorders among young people. I know many students in my school who have fallen prey to such dangerous diets. They despise their body and show desperation to lose weight. Unfortunately, by adopting such inadequate diets, they are depriving their body of essential nutrients. This affects their health and subjects them to various ailments.

As the editor of an esteemed newspaper that enjoys considerable readership, I am sure you can make a difference by publishing an article about the importance of eating healthy and maintaining a positive body image.

I feel that schools should celebrate Wholesome Lunch Months to create awareness among students about including all essential nutrients in their diet. If your newspaper can promote such campaigns, more and more schools will come forward to implement them in their campus. Such programs will make children aware of the dangers of adopting these crash diets and encourage them to start eating healthy again.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely

Sunidhi Prakash

Vice Captain, Brilliant Vidyalaya

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