Adverbs of Affirmation and Negation

Adverbs of affirmation are words which show that a particular statement is true. They reinforce a positive idea.

Examples are: certainly, definitely, no doubt, exactly, doubtlessly, really, clearly, evidently etc.

  • That is certainly true. (More emphatic than That is true.)
  • She will definitely help us.
  • She is really beautiful.
  • That is exactly what I meant.
  • He is, no doubt, the best man for this job.
  • That was clearly the right thing to do.

Adverbs of negation are words which show that the given statement is false. Examples are: hardly, scarcely, never, no longer, not

  • There was hardly anyone in the room.
  • We got hardly any rain this year.
  • He is not the right person for this job.
  • We no longer enjoy their support.
  • There was scarcely a tree in sight.
  • I have never seen him.

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