Be As An Auxiliary Verb

With the Present Participles

Be is used with the present participles of verbs to make the present and past progressive tenses.

  • am writing. (Present Progressive)
  • She was standing at the gate. (Past Progressive)
  • She is knitting a sweater. (Present Progressive)
  • You were sleeping. (Past progressive)

With the Past Participles of Transitive verbs

Be can combine with the past participles of transitive verbs to form the passive voice.

  • was shocked.
  • He was treated badly.
  • You are rewarded for your service.
  • They are sold cheap.

With the past participles of Intransitive verbs

Be can combine with the past participles of certain intransitive verbs to form the perfect tense.

  • He is gone. (= He has gone.)
  • You are quite grown up. (=You have quite grown up.)

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