Belong To vs. Belong On vs. Belong In

To belong is to be in the right place.

  • When you’ve finished, put the books where they belong. (= Put the books in their right place.)
  • Do these plates belong here?
  • Now that I have lived in this city for several years, I feel that I belong here. (= I am happy and comfortable in this city.)

Belong to

When something belongs to you it is your property.

  • These books aren’t mine. They belong to my brother.
  • Do these cassettes belong to you?
  • These books don’t belong to me.

When you belong to a club or community, you are a member of that.

  • He belongs to a local football club. (= He is a member of a local football club.)
  • She belongs to a minority community. (= She is a member of a minority community.)

Belong on / in

  • That lamp belongs on the desk. (= That lamp has its place on the desk.)
  • These students belong in a different group. (= These students have their place in a different group.)
  • Those plates belong on the top shelf. (= Those plates fit on the top shelf.)

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