Anyhow vs. Somehow | Class 10 English Grammar

These expressions are often confused by ESL students.

Use anyhow to mean in disorderAnyhow can also mean for certainSomehow means in some way or by some means. It can also be used to refer to a reason that is not known or specified.

  • Incorrect: He did it anyhow.
  • Correct: He managed to do it somehow.
  • Incorrect: He keeps his things somehow in his desk.
  • Correct: He keeps his things anyhow in his desk. (= He keeps his things in disorder.)
  • Incorrect: He may not come but somehow I shall.
  • Correct: He may not come but anyhow I shall. (= I will certainly come.)
  • Incorrect: He hadn’t prepared for the test, but anyhow he passed.
  • Correct: He hadn’t prepared for the test, but somehow he passed.

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