Capitalization Worksheet for Class 3

Rules of capitalization

Capitalize the first word of a sentence.

  • My name is Radhika.
  • She works in a bank.
  • What are you doing there?
  • What do you want?

Capitalize proper nouns

Proper nouns are the specific names of people, countries, languages, companies, cities, religions, rivers, hills, deserts etc.

  • We visited India last week.
  • Do you speak Malayalam?
  • She wants to conquer Mt. Everest.
  • Ganga is a holy river.
  • He works at Google.
  • We live in Mumbai.
  • Sahara is the largest desert in the world.

When you write names, the first, middle and last names should be capitalized.

  • My name is Manjusha Nambiar.
  • He works at the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Capitalize the names of books, magazines, newspapers.

  • Times of India
  • The Economist

Capitalize the pronoun I.

  • My brother and I went to the market.

Capitalize the names of months, days and holidays.

  • He was born in May.
  • Can we meet on Sunday?
  • We celebrated Diwali with great joy.
  • We are painting the walls during the Easter holidays.

Note that the names of seasons (summer, winter, autumn, spring) are not capitalized.

  • If winter comes can spring be far behind?

Do not put a capital letter after a semicolon, colon or hyphen.

Put a capital letter after a full stop.

Capitalize all titles. Examples are: Doctor, Major, Mister, Miss

Worksheet 1

Capitalize wherever necessary.

1. rahul is my best friend.

2. i met him on friday.

3. agra is on river yamuna.

4. have you ever visited chennai?

5. where does maya work?

6. my brother and his family live in canada.

7. russia is a large country.

8. a large number of indians speak hindi.

9. do you know where ram lives?

10. brazil is a country in south america

11. we are waiting for christmas holidays.

12. i went to simla for holiday.

13. priya and ramesh are good friends.

14. andes is the longest mountain range in the world.

15. he has a pet cat called appu.

16. my younger brother is a huge fan of spiderman.

17. my family lives in a small village in kerala.

18. meet ms. jaya. she teaches us english.

19. do you know anybody who can speak spanish?

20. have you read mahabharata?


capitalization worksheet for class 3

Worksheet 2

Add capital letters wherever necessary.

1. charlie chaplin was a famous actor.

2. goa is a tiny indian state with beautiful beaches.

3. meet mr. james. he is a doctor.

4. hampi is a historical place in south india.

5. calcutta is famous for its trams.

6. tagore was not only a poet but also a painter.

7. my sister is a software engineer. she works at infosys.

8. very few people live in sahara desert.

9. nepal is a himalayan country.

10. buddha lived about 2500 years ago.

11. rahul goes there not only in summer but also in winter.

12. shyam has been absent since monday.

13. tamil is the mother tongue of the people of tamil nadu.

14. bhagat singh was a great patriot.

15. ramayana and mahabharata are our epics.

16. sunday is a holiday in most nations.

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