CBSE Class 10 Grammar Practice Test

Test your understanding of English grammar rules with this integrated grammar practice test.

CBSE English Grammar Practice Test

1. Alice is a nice girl, ————————?

a) is she?
b) Isn’t she?
c) Doesn’t she?
d) Won’t she?

2. What year did you ——————- university?

a) graduate from
b) graduate
c) graduate at
d) graduating from

3. Do you enjoy ——————-?

a) skating
b) skate
c) to skate
d) to skating

4. We didn’t have any trouble ———————

a) to find the house
b) finding the house
c) to finding the house
d) find the house

5. I —————— him yesterday.

a) met
b) had met
c) have met
d) would meet

6. If you didn’t understand the lesson, don’t hesitate ——————–

a) to ask a question
b) asking a question
c) to asking a question
d) ask a question

7. They are always ready to go to —————— help.

a) each other’s
b) one another’s
c) other’s
d) another’s

8. The man, ——————— I owed money, demanded immediate payment.

a) to whom
b) whom
c) who
d) that

9. This is the woman —————– husband was killed by the dacoits.

a) whose
b) of whom
c) who
d) of whose

10. One of the officers who —————- suspected of treachery was the Major himself.

a) was
b) were
c) is
d) are

11. It ————— to my notice that you have been very unpunctual of late.

a) brought
b) has brought
c) has been brought
d) brings

12. The college —————- on Monday.

a) re-open
b) re-opens
c) re-opening
d) none of these

13. While in college, he —————— eight hours a day.

a) was studying
b) studied
c) had studied
d) had been studying

14. She ————— cooking when the visitors arrived.

a) had not finished
b) has not finished
c) didn’t finish
d) not finished

15. In my youth, I —————- exercise everyday.

a) was taking
b) had taken
c) took
d) have taken


1. Isn’t she?
2. graduate from
3. skating
4. finding the house
5. met
6. to ask a question
7. one another’s
8. to whom
9. whose
10. were (Here the actual subject is officers, not one.)
11. has been brought
12. re-opens
13. studied
14. had not finished
15. took

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