CBSE Class 10 Grammar Worksheets

The questions here test your knowledge of English Grammar. Each question consists of a short written conversation, part of which has been omitted. Four words or phrases, labeled a, b, c, and d, are given below the conversation. Choose the word or phrase that will correctly complete the conversation.

1. ——————– I fired at the tiger, he shook my arm.

a) As
b) Since
c) Because
d) For

2. Arranged marriages are unusual in the West. In the Middle East, ——————–, they are very common.

a) but
b) on the other hand
c) similarly
d) in spite of this

3. The job wasn’t very interesting. ——————, the money was OK.

a) While
b) Mind you
c) In addition
d) Due to this

4. The train was late. —————– I managed to reach in time.

a) In spite of this
b) Additionally
c) Similarly
d) Due to this

5. The British may have done some good in India. —————– Colonialism is basically bad.

a) Even so
b) Even as
c) Similarly
d) In the same way

6. ————— we are satisfied with life.

a) In general
b) As for
c) As far as
d) Apart from

7. The flood victims are short of food. —————– they urgently need medical assistance.

a) Similarly
b) In addition
c) Any how
d) For instance

8. ———- John, everyone seemed to be enjoying the party.

a) Except for
b) In addition to
c) For instance
d) In particular

9. ——————– people will be nice to you if you are nice to them.

a) Apart from
b) In the same way
c) In most cases
d) For instance

10. —————– a child’s character is shaped by the circumstances at home.

a) Similarly
b) For one thing
c) To a great extent
d) Consequently

11. —————— teachers are overworked and underpaid.

a) Broadly speaking
b) In particular
c) For instance
d) Except for

12. Ghosts don’t exist. —————– I haven’t seen one.

a) I think
b) At least
c) That is to say
d) In other words

13. I think we should forgive him. ————— he is too young to understand what is right and wrong.

a) After all
b) Honestly
c) Well
d) I suppose

14. The man was sleeping peacefully on the river bank. —————— a crocodile came creeping closer.

a) As a result
b) Despite this
c) Meanwhile
d) By contrast

15. Mary didn’t get the best medical attention. —————-, she died soon after.

a) Despite this
b) As a result
c) In addition
d) In this case

16. He has been warned before. —————-, he should not have committed the same offence again.

a) As a result
b) In this case
c) Instead
d) Despite this

17. She went on a strict diet. ————- she didn’t lose any weight.

a) As a result
b) By contrast
c) Despite this
d) Instead

18. The principal wants to see you ————— the broken window.

a) Because
b) Owing to the
c) About
d) For

19. The matches were cancelled, —————– that it rained.

a) owing to the fact
b) regardless of the fact
c) as a matter of fact
d) as

20. The giraffe is an ungainly animal ————— it has such a long neck.

a) in that
b) that
c) because of which
d) regardless of the fact

21. Smoking is indeed dangerous. —————–, a lot of people get cancer because they smoke.

a) In addition
b) For instance
c) In the same way
d) Similarly

22. The candidate didn’t perform well at the interview. —————-, he was rude to the interviewer.

a) In the same way
b) Similarly
c) In addition
d) Instead

23. He says he is a socialist, and ————- he owns five homes and a tea estate.

a) due to this
b) with regard to this
c) yet
d) in addition

24. I am not sure if we can afford a big home like that. —————, I intend to buy it.

a) Any how
b) At least
c) On the contrary
d) On the whole

25. I was upset by his behavior. ———— I chose not to make an issue of it.

a) Still
b) Of course
c) Due to this
d) Similarly


1. as
2. on the other hand
3. mind you
4. in spite of this
5. even so
6. in general
7. in addition
8. except for
9. in most cases
10. to a great extent
11. broadly speaking
12. At least
13. after all
14. meanwhile
15. as a result
16. in this case
17. despite this
18. about
19. owing to the fact
20. in that
21. for instance
22. in addition
23. yet
24. any how
25. still

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