Change Affirmative Sentences Into Negative Sentences

Change the following affirmative sentences into interrogative sentences.

1. She lives in Canada.

2. Meera writes plays for the television.

3. He has always wanted to be an inventor.

4. He teaches Sanskrit at a government school.

5. He wants to quit his job.

6. They launched their business last year.

7. He made a fortune when he sold his apparel business to a foreign company.

8. The mother reprimanded the boy for coming home late.

9. She put the books on the table.

10. Rahul met his ex-girlfriend at the party.

11. He borrowed 1000 dollars from his uncle.

12. Rohan broke another window yesterday.

13. The boy fed the cats.

14. He works at a multinational company.


1. Does she live in Canada?

2. Does Meera write plays for the television?

3. Has he always wanted to be an inventor?

4. Does he teach Sanskrit at a government school?

5. Does he want to quit his job?

6. Did they launch their business last year?

7. Did he make a fortune when he sold his apparel business to a foreign company?

8. Did the mother reprimand the boy for coming home late?

9. Did she put the books on the table?

10. Did Rahul meet his ex-girlfriend at the party?

11. Did he borrow 1000 dollars from his uncle?

12. Did Rohan break another window yesterday?

13. Did the boy feed the cats?

14. Does he work at a multinational company?


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