Change into passive | Present continuous tense

In the present continuous tense, we make passive forms by putting ‘is/am/are + being’ before the ing form of the active verb.

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. I am writing a story.

2. They are planting flowers in the garden.

3. The boys are making a toy car.

4. The tailor is stitching clothes.

5. The cows are eating grass.

6. She is singing a song.

7. I am cooking dinner.

8. He is painting the roof.

9. The mechanic is repairing the car.

10. The monkey is eating a banana.

11. She is typing a letter.

12. I am reading a novel.


1. A story is being written by me.

2. Flowers are being planted in the garden.

3. A toy car is being made by the boys.

4. Clothes are being stitched by the tailor.

5. Grass is being eaten by the cows.

6. A song is being sung by her.

7. Dinner is being cooked by me.

8. The roof is being painted by him.

9. The car is being repaired by the mechanic.

10. A banana is being eaten by the monkey.

11. A letter is being typed by her.

12. A novel is being read by me.


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