Change Tense As Directed | Class 5 Grammar Worksheet

Change tense as directed.

1. I met him at the library. (Change into simple future)

2. We will finish the job on Monday. (Change into simple past)

3. I am working on a new project. (Change into present perfect continuous tense)

4. She has found a new job. (Change into simple future)

5. I am looking for a new job. (Change into past continuous tense)

6. I work at a bank. (Change into present continuous tense)

7. I sent the money yesterday. (Change into past perfect tense)

8. They will be having lunch now. (Change into present continuous tense)

9. I have finished the project. (Change into future perfect tense)

10. You never help me. (Change into simple future)

11. I answered all the questions. (Change into present perfect tense)

12. I am waiting for a call from my mother. (Change into past continuous tense)


1. I will meet him at the library.

2. We finished the job on Monday.

3. I have been working on a new project.

4. She will have found a new job.

5. I was looking for a new job.

6. I am working at a bank.

7. I had sent the money yesterday.

8. They are having lunch now.

9. I will have finished the project.

10. You will never help me.

11. I have answered all the questions.

12. I was waiting for a call from my mother.


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