Change Tense

Read the following sentences and change their tense as directed. This grammar worksheet is for students of classes 5 and 6.

  1. I met him yesterday. (Change into simple future)
  2. She was here in the morning. (Change into simple future)
  3. She acted in several movies. (Change into present perfect)
  4. She was wearing a blue dress. (Change into simple present)
  5. He will win the first prize. (Change into simple past)
  6. I know the consequences of my action. (Change into simple past)
  7. She does not have a job. (Change into simple past)
  8. I waited for them for hours. (Change into present perfect)
  9. She left on Monday. (Change into simple future)
  10. She took twenty minutes to get ready. (Change into simple present)
  11. I was doing my homework. (Change into future continuous)
  12. I have sent the report. (Change into future perfect)


  1. I will meet him tomorrow.
  2. She will be here in the afternoon.
  3. She has acted in several movies.
  4. She is wearing a blue dress.
  5. He won the first prize.
  6. I knew the consequences of my action.
  7. She did not have a job.
  8. I have waited for them for hours.
  9. She will leave on Monday.
  10. She takes twenty minutes to get ready.
  11. I will be doing my homework.
  12. I will have sent the report.


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