Class 10 English Grammar Worksheets

The questions here test your knowledge of English Grammar. Each question consists of a short written conversation, part of which has been omitted. Four words or phrases, labeled a, b, c, and d, are given below the conversation. Choose the word or phrase that will correctly complete the conversation.

1. We bought some apples ——————- we extracted the juice.

a) for which
b) from which
c) on which
d) with which

Answer: from which

2. When the storm subsided, we —————– the next village.

a) continued to
b) continued on to
c) continued on
d) were continued on to

Answer: continued to

(There is no need to use continued on to, because here on repeats the same idea.)

3. If you can’t answer all the questions, you will need ————- to the passage.

a) to refer
b) to refer back
c) referring back
d) referring

Answer: to refer

(There is no need to use to refer back, because here back repeats the same idea.)

4. I managed to do ————– in the test despite not feeling —————-.

a) well, well
b) good, well
c) well, good
d) good, good

Answer: well, well

5. Neither Jane nor —————– have been to the opera.

a) me
b) I
c) he
d) him

Answer: I

(After neither and nor, we use subject pronouns (he, I, she, they etc.), not object pronouns (him, me, her, them)

6. He thinks that —————- two can win the doubles match.

a) me
b) we
c) us
d) them

Answer: we

7. Between you and ———– I don’t trust him.

a) me
b) I
c) He
d) We

Answer: me (after a preposition, object pronouns are used.)

8. ————— by rain we took shelter under a tree.

a) driving
b) driven
c) being driving
d) been driven

Answer: driven

9. —————- vividly, the lighting struck the tall building.

a) having flashed
b) being flashed
c) flashed
d) flashing

Answer: flashing

10. He has been convicted of speeding previously. —————- he should not have exceeded the limit again.

a) instead
b) in this case
c) despite this
d) meanwhile

Answer: in this case

11. She was given the best treatment; ————– she died soon after.

a) despite this
b) as a result
c) by contrast
d) instead

Answer: despite this

12. The people in Switzerland work hard; —————- Australians are considered to be lazy.

a) meanwhile
b) notwithstanding
c) by contrast
d) instead

Answer: by contrast

13. Alice went on a diet; —————– she lost five kilograms.

a) by contrast
b) as a result
c) meanwhile
d) despite this

Answer: as a result

14. John decided not to receive a present; ————- he asked for a cheque from his parents.

a) meanwhile
b) despite this
c) instead
d) as a result

Answer: instead

15. Will you —————- the good tennis balls from the worn ones.

a) separate
b) separate out
c) separate off
d) separate out on

Answer: separate

(There is no need to use separate out, because here out repeats the same idea.)

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