Class 10 Formal Letter Sample | CBSE English Communicative 2018

You are Arun/Anita, 22 New Light Colony, Guwahati. The park in your colony has not been maintained properly for quite some time. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the Chief Officer, Horticulture Dept. complaining against the park incharge for not doing his duty properly. You may use the following points:

  • boundary walls broken
  • flower beds but no flowers
  • no proper cutting of hedges

This letter writing task appeared in CBSE English Communicative Exam 2018. A sample letter is given below.

Class 10 Formal Letter Sample

22 New Light Colony

5th May, 2020

Chief Officer
Horticulture Department

Subject: Poor maintenance of the park

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to complain about the poor maintenance of the park in my neighbourhood. Although your department has appointed someone to take good care of the park, he has not been discharging his duty properly. The boundary wall is broken in many parts and this poses a security risk to the children playing in the park. Dangerous reptiles can hide under the bricks lying around and in the holes in the walls. Recently, a few snakes were found in the park.

Security is not the only problem. The park has lost its aesthetic appeal too. There are flower beds; however, there are no plants or flowers. Although some flowering plants were planted a few months ago, they all died because they were not watered regularly. The hedges have not been pruned in months and now they have all overgrown.

I request you to take urgent measures to rectify the problem. This is the only open space in our locality and as such it is precious to us.

Yours sincerely



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