Class 6 English Story Writing Exercise

From the given outlines develop a meaningful story. This story writing activity is helpful for students of classes 6 and 7.

Story Writing Exercise

Woman has a pet mongoose … makes it sit beside her sleeping child … goes out to bath …. returns after bath …the mongoose stands at the gate …mouth stained with blood … woman thinks mongoose has killed her baby … kills the mongoose … goes in …. finds baby fast asleep …. a snake lies nearby killed … woman repents her hasty action

Act In Haste, Repent At Leisure

A woman had a pet mongoose. She loved it very much. The mongoose was also extremely loyal to her. One day, the woman went out to bathe in the river. Her baby was sleeping. She had no one else at home and was afraid of leaving the baby alone. So she made the mongoose sit near the baby. She was sure that the mongoose would protect the baby.

After sometime she returned. She saw the mongoose standing at the gate. Its mouth was stained with blood. The woman was alarmed and thought that the mongoose had killed the baby. In a fit of fury, she killed the mongoose and then rushed to the room. She found the baby sleeping peacefully. She also found a snake lying dead near the baby.

The woman realized her mistake and cried aloud. The mongoose had killed the snake that could perhaps have bitten her baby.


If you act in haste, you are more likely to repent later.

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